• My periods are very painful, will this help?

    What makes this course unique is that the sequences of poses have been carefully chosen. All asana’s (poses) are well known for their therapeutic effects in targeting the affected areas of pain that arise as a result of menstruation. On the days that you feel unable to even go for a short walk, you can trust that the asanas combined with deep yogic breathing will provide relief and make you more comfortable.

  • Do I need to be flexible?

    You don’t need to be flexible or strong to reap the benefits of this course. All poses are gentle and many use additional support tools such as pillows and blankets to ensure that the pose is easily accessible and comfortable for all bodies.

  • Why is this different from other yoga classes?

    The classes that you may attend at your studio have not been planned with menstruation in mind. During your period, the body is governed by Apana energy residing in the pelvis and lower abdomen that facilitates the movement of blood down and out of the body. There are several asanas that can work against that energy and can have unwanted effects on your menstrual cycle and reproductive organs, such as heavy and longer periods. My Pillow Yoga for periods program ensures only asanas with a soothing and comforting effect on the areas affected by your period are included in the practice. You also have the benefit of practising without leaving your home.

  • I have never done yoga before, is this for me?

    Absolutely! No prior yoga experience is required. In fact you may choose to practice yoga only on the week of your period and that's ok. All you need is yourself, a flat surface to lay on and don't forget those pillows!

  • I suffer from PMS, mood swings and anxiety. Can your program make me more calm and relaxed?

    Definitely!! Within each yoga sequence there is a section dedicated to poses that help release mental stress and strain. Not only that but within the bonus material is a special Yoga Nidra recording, also known as Yogic Sleep which restores the brain and provides the ultimate relaxation for the body. It has been said that just 45minutes of Yoga Nidra is equivalent to 3 hours of normal sleep for the brain. If you’re a worrier - this is for you.

  • I have endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids or very heavy periods. Can I use this to help me manage my symptoms?

    Yes, the poses will relax tension in the abdomen and pelvis and increase blood flow to the region. The restful and nurturing practice of yoga can also help with healing, as the body heals best when it is not under stress. Relaxing the body with yoga can make your pain feel less intense and put you in a calmer mind-set, which reduces your experience of discomfort.

  • What is your refund policy?

    I am here to serve and help you have more comfortable and relaxing periods. If you go through the whole experience on the week of your period and don’t find any my yoga flows and meditations useful or helpful, you can email me and ask for a full refund. No questions ask. Your happiness and satisfaction matters to me.

  • Can I benefit from this if I don't have periods?

    You can absolutely still enjoy the benefits of the restorative, yin based flows. They are great to practice after a long day and just before the bed to help you deeply relax and sleep well.