Dear sister,

Traditionally women are the caregivers and nurturers in society but all too often we forget to take care of ourselves. Deciding that you are important by making time in your frantic schedule for some downtime is important. YOU and YOUR needs matter.

One of the most effective ways of replenishing energy is to practice restorative yoga. The practice leaves you feeling refreshed and nourished, ready to face whatever tasks you have for the day. There is no strength or flexibility needed, simply show up for yourself and just be. 

With the pillow yoga for periods program, you may even find yourself looking forward to, what used to be a stressful time of the month. 



Included Content

Find relief From Period Pain Every Month with a one off payment of £14.99 ONLY

    1. Honouring your body when bleeding

    1. A Nourishing Practice for Day 1 and 2 of your Period

    1. A Restorative Practice for Day 3 and 4 of your Period

    1. A Renewing Energy Practice for Day 5 and 6 of your Period

    1. Breathing into the womb space (part 1)

    2. Breathing into the womb space (part 2)

    1. Creating inner stillness

About this course

  • £14.99
  • 8 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content

Transform your period experience

  • Use yoga and your breath to self-soothe period cramps, lower back pain and replenish your energy.

  • Experience inner peace and relaxation throughout your body and mind.

  • Continue your period days in a more comfortable body, moving with more freedom and ease.

  • Learn to use yoga as a therapeutic pain relief during your period and regain control over your body.