Does your period prevent you from being and feeling your best?

I’m a yoga teacher, but woman first most and I know how debilitating period pain can be and how you can lose hours and days because of it.⁠ I found that doing yoga on my period helps to relieve the toughest of cramps and restore lost energy. I believe our bodies are powerful at healing themselves if only given the chance. I used to avoid any time of exercise during the week of my period, BIG MISTAKE. Exercise can actually help with the pain. I began doing gentle and easy poses that felt good during my period and found that it not only relaxing but also I felt physically better after. It doesn't matter if you are not a yogi or if you have never tried yoga before, you can still find release and relaxation through the program and make your periods more comfortable.

My Periods Before Yoga

I myself had a challenging time with my cycle. Irregular, heavy and painful bleeds used to be the norm to me and I had no idea that there was a natural way of re-connecting to the SHE in me. I learned yoga in India and then discovered Tantra and the power of the feminine energies in Ecuador, so that today I could bring forth a program created to support women's health and wellbeing, specifically during the week of their periods. I felt called to do this work because having periods should be a time of comfortable rest, connection, and celebration of your femininity and womanhood. The pillow period yoga program gives you that and SO MUCH MORE.

Yoga Teacher with a Passion for Self-care during your period

Imagine your period week filled with nourishing and comforting yoga sequences, that you can retreat to and find inner peace and relaxation. 

I'm so excited to share with you my most valued yoga sequences that I practice every month, tried and tested and created especially for women like us so that nothing is holding you back from doing what you love on your period.